New York Shopping Stores

Discover the best department stores in New York, from big-name destinations like Barneys New York and Macy’s to discount dens such as Nordstrom Rack

The best department stores in NYC:

If you’re one of the people who avoid department stores out of fear that you’ll waste more time looking for items than actually purchasing them, it’s time to stop writing them off. New York is home to many world-class stores that are great for window or actual shopping (like Barney’s and Bloomingdale’s), as well as great places for bargains (Nordstrom Rack and Neiman Marcus Last Call). You’ll also find goods that rival the best beauty supply stores and home decor stores. Think of it as the most efficient way to shop (besides online shopping sites, of course).

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping in New York

There’s no shortage of shopping opportunities in New York. The city is essentially an outdoor mall, and everywhere you turn there’s something — and somewhere — new to discover.